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Keeping Your Sweetie

Updated: Jan 9

In a world of independence and fear we may find it difficult to navigate through our relationships with joy and positive growth. When we watch television or our favorite internet show we are bombarded with depictions of people cheating on their mates and divorcing their spouse with a smile, as if hurting someone came with a big pay check and a trophy. We are told to "leave them if they're not meeting your needs" and "you deserve better", etc.... The truth is that we all posses multiple personalities and wear what are known as Social Masks in order to deal with the various people we deal with on an everyday basis. The mask we wear at a given time depends on the people we are dealing with at those times. There are too many dynamics to consider in this post, but to understand a person is to understand their upbringing, education, friendships, beliefs and all the things that shapes their social masks. Personally, I don't seek to accomplish anything without placing God first in all I do. To understand love one must understand God and have a solid relationship with Him, because the Word clearly tells us that God is love ❤️. So, if we are to thrive in the area of love we must first be tapped into the source directly. I want to focus on love because all things (such as respect, loyalty, selflessness, etc...) that are required to make a marriage or relationship work derive from love. Contrary to popular belief, without out love there can be no loyalty, respect, or any of those priciples.

Here at Keep Sweetie we will be launching a show/podcast to dive deep into the abyss of love and relationships, family and applying God's love and priciples to everyday life situations. Our approach is not the preaching type, but alternatively will focus on delivering fun and easy to follow concepts in order to reach as many as possible. We understand that our show may not be for everyone and that is just fine, but we would like to ask all vistors to please keep it respecful in your comments and rather than come to the platform with negativity to employ positivity. We are very excited about the journey and hope that we can bring you some excitement and understanding as we grow together in love. Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this post. We are looking forward to seeing you at the launch of Sweet Talkin' with The Todds. Thanks again. #love

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