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New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Although I am a week late I would like to talk a little about New Year’s resolutions. Every we talk about our new year resolution and how transformative it will be in our lives. This year, while attending church service on new year’s day, the pastor spoke about new year’s resolutions and how we have been looking at the whole thing the wrong way. He mentioned a fact that I hadn’t considered and it opened a entirely different way of thinking up almost instantly. He awakened me to the fact that every year we make these resolutions without even considering the definition of resolution.

Now resolution is the act or process of resolving; to break down into small parts a problem in order to resolve it. So, if resolution means to act, how can we possibly resolve something in the future? What we actually do every year is declare goals and not make new year’s resolutions. The things we worked on, or resolved, in the previous year is really the resolution that was processed. That little bit of information had a big impact on how I have begun to approach the new year, in that I will only speak of changes that I. Have already made or started the process on as opposed to simply declaring goals. My resolutions will only be discussed in the present and past tense and not the future.

I would like to encourage the readers to start putting in the effort of the change you want in your life and not simply make yourself an empty promise of change. Tell your family and friends of your resolution after you have already resolved the problems and not before. This way you have a good testimony and resolved issues to back up words, and not just promises that you think people want to hear. I hope this will be able to help someone in their journey of bettering their life for themselves and those they love. Happy New Year 2023 #love.

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